From Financial to Technology - Emil Michael

November 25, 2016
It might seem unusual for a career to go from the financial industry to the technology startup world, but Emil Michael got his start as an Investment Banking Associate at Goldman Sachs’ Communication, Media and Technology Group. It was here that he was able to hone in on his corporate skills for about a year before going on to serve as the Senior Vice President of Field Operations with the TellMe Networks for almost a decade. After ten years, he took a break from technology and worked as the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defence from September 2009 until January of 2011.

Emil Michael -- advisor, investor and businessman

May 13, 2016
San Francisco-based Emil Michael wears many hats in the business realm. In addition to his position as Uber’s SVP of Business, a role held since September 2013, Emil Michael also acts as a prominent investor and advisor to other companies as needed. These “hats” have been worn when necessary throughout his career, which began following education at both Harvard University and Stanford University Law School. His investment roles include the development of long-held funds in companies such as Playfab, Thinkfuse and Upserve. He also acts as advisor when called upon, including previously advising the Bureau of Trade and ChatID. For this businessman, keeping busy is a must and wearing many hats within the industry often occurs.